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Information Portal Systems

Delivering quality data systems and services to the finance and banking industry

TecBanc® is a data warehouse for the professional business sector.TecBanc® is an application service provider, maintaining hardware and software for your benefit at a fraction of the cost.TecBanc® is a consultant systems developer, designing and integrating business solutions for business professionals. TecBanc® is an extension of your business, wherever you are, anywhere in the world.

You may access, edit, and contact your clients, associates, suppliers, and family from any internet connection on the planet. You may store and retrieve confidential information on yourself or your clients. You may set tasks for employees, colleagues, and associated companies.

We have the technology to make your business more efficient, and therefore more profitable. We take the responsibility to maintain and back-up your most sensitive data. With the security of Level 2 transfer systems for B2B applications, TecBanc® becomes as secure as an extension in your office. TecBanc® also offers the flexibility of secure remote client access via the internet and your Virtual Private Network.

We can also customize the generic TecBanc® in order to best suit your business needs.